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Accounting Consultants

Our Expertise


The value proposition based core competencies, key account service management and other definite competitive advantageous over the other competitors of similar service offering greatly influence the consulting firms to seek out our professional services.

  • Empathy and responsiveness


    Assuring extreme empathy to any listed service requirements and spontaneous responsiveness to calls.

  • Excellency and competency


    Continuous improvements leads to operational excellency and exceptional competency in service offerings.

  • Words and deeds


    Honouring words to matching deeds in terms of submission of assignments within the stipulated period of time.

  • Security and confidentiality


    Assuring higher degree of data security for privacy and protection to confidentiality at the highest merits.

  • Know-how and applications


    Quick access to latest know-how and process re-engineered applications in the respective assignment fraternity.

  • Knowledge and culture


    Customized knowledge sharing management and ever proactively leaning to learning corporate culture.

  • Accuracy and timing


    Recording accuracy by scanning all the available documents and explanations and time bound deliverables.

  • Efficiency and effectiveness


    Expertise leads to expose service efficiency and resulting to be considered as a best cost effective alternative.

  • Solutions and availability


    Assuring ever reliable and flexible solutions to customer satisfaction served all under one roof with pride.

  • Ethics and etiquettes


    Respect to all norms of professional ethics and recognition to all forms of professional etiquettes.

  • Decipline and obediency


    Well deciplined staff specially trained for manerism and obidency indoor and outdoor as part of the training.

  • Orientation and staff


    Customer oriented supportive and friendly staff abiding with all protocol norms of bureaucracy.

  • Accountability and support


    Accountability for the work done and unconditional support to Audit scrutiny as ater sales free service.

Our Clientele


We offer our services to over 300 corporate and non-corporate clients of small and medium enterprises spanning across the commercial and industrial spectrum. we have classified our client data base according to the neature of business they do at present.

  • Transportation and Freight


    Courier Air freight forwarding and Sea freight forwarding.

  • Property Developments


    Construction of Apartments and Houses.

  • Travel and Tourism


    Air ticketing, Travels and Tours.

  • Relief Projects


    Non-profit and Non-governmental relief agencies.

  • Stationery Production


    Book shops and Stationery manufacturing companies.

  • Sea Foods and Agro


    Aqua cultural, Horticultural entities and Tea manufacturers.

  • Fashion and Designs


    Beauty cultural and Bridal Designing companies.

  • Garments and Textiles


    Garment factories and Buying house merchandising.

  • Employment and Manpower


    Foreign employment and Manpower recruitment.

  • Confectioneries


    Bakeries and sweets manufacturers.

  • Engineering Industry


    Copper mouldings and Spare parts manufacturers.

  • Brokering and Commissioning


    Insurance brokering and Commission Agents.

  • General Merchandising


    Other general buying & selling and Exports & imports.

Profile of CEO


The incumbent Chief Executive Officer of this entity is M.F.M. Ashraff, who having done his accounting studies and gaining his initial compulsory training requirement of four years at an accredited Certified Charted Accounting firm, started his career in the main stream field of Business Accounting and has served few years at reputed commercial entities at senior managerial capacities.

After having sensed greater potential for Accounting and Taxation in the financial hubs in and around the city of Colombo, he incorporated a Tax Accounting Consultancy firm of his own in the name of Qcontra (Pvt) Ltd and henceforth serves as a CEO. He gained over twenty five years of work experience with exposure to diverse range of business activities and has extensive experience in Strategic Planning, Operations Management and Community Relations.



We believe in the power of human resources and its pivotal role in the company's long term success. Qcontra excels in employing experienced and qualified and supportive personnel to represent, design customer value and create strong brand equity. They give mid and lower-level managers a good idea of the future plans for each hierarchical level of the entity.

The management is responsible for the administrative functions of the entity by liaising with customers, staff allocation to clients, receiving customer requirements, problem solving and billing. The HR division as guided by the management is responsible for staff wellbeing, incurring expenses, receiving payments from clients, facilitating meetings with clients, conducting personal development training programmes and overseeing the staff deployment.