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Success Strategies

Every success organization has a story to tell about their secret behind. Likewise Qcontra has achieved its remarkable progress within a very short span of time by adhering to the strategies it opt to pursue with. Our day to day success is effectively attributed to the below strategic models for enhanced productivity coupled with efficiency. Mouse over the image diagram to read the text inscribed clearly.

Seven Standards

Conceptual frame work involved in pursuing a Seven Standards concept:

  • Sorting out: Keep only what is required and eliminate not needed
  • Setting in order: Finding a logical sensible place for everything
  • Shine: Keep the environment of work place clean and tidy
  • Standardise: Display working procedures for everyone to see
  • Sustain: Lookout to continually improve what to do and how to do
  • Spirit: Engage employees to involve all levels as a team work
  • Safety: Create a safety working environment for everyone

Continuous Improvement

Conceptual frame work involved in pursuing Kaizan's PDCA concept:

  • Plan: Define and analyse problem and identify root cause
  • Do: Devise solution, develop detail action plan and implementation
  • Check: Confirm outcomes against plan and identify deviations/issues
  • Act: Corrective / preventive action to Standardise solution and review
  • Repeat the cyclical process for continuous improvements

Total Quality Management

Conceptual frame work involved in pursuing Total Quality Mgt concept:

  • Process engineered thinking
  • Prioritise customer Satisfaction
  • Total employee commitment
  • Team work and quality chain
  • Strategic and systematic approach
  • Integrated Systems and functions
  • Decisions based on fact finding
  • Continuous Improvements
  • Effective communication
  • Training and development